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Vidyagram TT College

Welcome to Vidya Gram Teachers Training College

India has had its indigenous system of education called the gurukul. The village school in ancient India was called gurukul, as the schooling took place at the home (kul) of the teacher, who was called the guru.It is not known whether a person became a guru because of his scholarship or was a person from among the educated in the village who had also received training in becoming a guru.

This system continued till the first quarter of the nineteenth century when schools similar to schools in Europe replaced village schools. It was realised that village schoolmasters could not be expected to teach that in which they themselves had never been instructed

Each person can trace contribution of some teacher who helped that person to transform into a good human being with a more positive self-image, more self-confidence, more commitment and motivation to pursue excellence. This role of a teacher is universally acknowledged.

Vidya Gram is a pursuit towards imparting education that facilitates the development of individuals. Learning is an unceasing process, the most vital phase being the school years, when a person is most inquisitive and receptive. During these years of growth of the students, Vidya Gram would aid in their development by introducing and acquainting them to, and helping them comprehend, the world around them by creating an influx of knowledge.

But more so, Vidya Gram would encourage and stimulate the students to indulge in a self-learning process, a process in which the students are enthused to crave for knowledge and to develop their own perspective of things. 


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