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1. We are people from village to cosmopolitan background and are quite apt at being part of any group. We have extraordinary motivating and mobilizing skills and we have so far been successful in making people dream as well as counseling them to identify and chronologize definite steps in order to realize their dreams. They do look forward towards more and more from us always.

2. We are a team of professionals from various fields of specialization like technology, finance, marketing and management. Our long innings in our respective trade has made us understand business-formulate business plans, have them financed and run successfully. Our exposure to market conditions would transform into workable national and international market linkages thus helping the plans become commendably viable.

3. We are techno-savvy professionals and believe in updating our information level with ever-changing business scenario. We know innovative intervention are required in the areas of product -design, development skill up gradations which the business to run on growth oriented lines. Our skills in relationship management and our ability to co-ordinate with different development agencies, trade institutions and other stakeholders would reduce the risk of unfair practices in business to a substantial degree and help grow healthy business enterprises

4. We ourselves have been working in teams and appreciate the latent strength of teamwork. We can organize and team up people to form a cohesive group of business associates. In essence, we can transform common people into successful entrepreneur.

5. We are noble Indian citizens who would love to be associated with the cause of upliftment of our poor and deprived co-citizens, sincerity and honesty in our approach and efforts could best be rewarded in terms of quantifiable results only. We genuinely believe we would be considered for further deliberations on the above.

6. The objectives for which the society is established are:

a) To contact and promote research in the field of education. 

b) To organize lectures, seminars, study groups and workshop on various problems related to education. 

c) To promote formal and adult, and women, non-school children education in rural and urban tribal areas utilizing, as far as possible technologies. 

d) To conduct and promote studies and research in the field of education be it basic, vocational, technical, management and professional and to establish schools and institutions, study and training centers, research and development centers at any place found suitable for the purpose of furthering and fulfilling such objectives for which the society is being formed. 

e) To carry out and undertake research, studies and survey assignments at our own or on being sponsored by any such other institution or agency, Govt. or non-Govt., from India or abroad for the purpose of social and community development, development of socio-economic conditions of people of any sect or religion belonging to any place inside or outside India and to establish and run institutions and centers for the promotion and development of such objectives.

f) To carry out and undertake research, studies and allied assignments at our own or on being sponsored by any such other institution or agency, Govt. or non-govt. from India or abroad for the purpose of development of economy or promotion of economic interest of people as a whole and to promote such concepts in economy as to benefiting in general people from any sect or religion belonging to India or abroad and to cover for fulfilling the above objectives sectors like micro enterprises, village, cottage and Khadi industries, small and medium scale industries, large scale industries, service and knowledge sector, agriculture and agriculture related sector and any other sector of relevance to time as such.

g) To promote public awareness civic action and administrative readiness to cope with emergent policy problems in the field of ecology, energy, employment and economy.

h) To establish and maintain libraries, information services, documentation, reference centers, to facilitate the study of education.

i) To establish and maintain contacts with other institutions and societies working for similar objectives in India and abroad.

j) To publish books, journals, news, letter, monograph and other research work for teachers, students, administrators, and general public meeting to the field education. 

k) To promote cooperative activities among teachers belonging to different education institutions in India with regard to research, extension, publications and training in all aspects of education. 

l) To organize social and cultural events both for social and financial needs of the society to fulfill its welfare and charitable objectives. 

m) To acquire, purchase or otherwise own or take on lease or hire in the Jaipur city or outside temporarily or permanently, any movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the society. 

n) To undertake tall such activities and programmes as may assist in promoting the objectives of the society and incur such expenditure as may be necessary as lay down above.

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