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At Vidya Gram, an integrated approach to teaching is being and equal emphasis is laid on the academic as well as extra-academic aspects of teaching. Each and every student is made as much a part of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as of the curricular. 
The school  follows curriculum based on the syllabi prescribed by the CBSE, but  also imbibe valuable characteristics of other teaching systems- both Indian and Western.

The co-curricular activities are treated as an integral part of the teaching system, and is coordinated with the curriculum, as also to traverse the subjects covered by the curriculum, to set forth on unbounded territories. The techniques applied include debates, group - discussions, seminars, excursions and one-on-one interactive sessions with the teachers.

The extra - curricular activities delve into those aspects of the personalities of the students, that remain untouched and unchallenged by the curriculum. All opportunities are presented to the students to indulge in the activities of their interest, and to enjoy and enhance their skills at them.

The spectrum of extra-curricular activities spread from all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports to dramatics to music and dance to social welfare activities to painting to many more. For this purpose, special hobby clubs and workshops are organised, which are run by the students themselves under the guidance of the teachers. This teaches the students the invaluable art of team-work and managing a group of people and its dynamics.

Workshops are also organised where students are taught the skills that help them master their vocation in future, including workshops on electronics, wood and clay craft,cpmputer aided designing, gardening, etc.

In an attempt to help the students realise their true potential and to carve out a bright future for themselves, Vidya Gram follows a career-orientation programme. By identifying the special talent of each student, at a very early stage, the counsellor and the faculty help and encourage the students to construct their own path towards a career of their own choice and ability.