Our Institutions
Vision & Mission

Vision: This is going to be a Nation Builder School designed to produce the world's future scientists, leaders, and sportsmen. It will be a prestigious school having experienced, qualified & committed faculty at the helm of its affairs.

Mission: The main purpose of the establishment of the school is to spread Education in rural and under-developed areas. The school will create the revolutionary concept of turning students of heterogeneous equity to homogeneous excellence through Personalized Education. The school has the mission of imparting education that liberates the mind, enhances the quality of life and promotes uninhibited creativity. It will provide Child Centered Enrichment Education as summarized below

School Beliefs 
1. A school that identify the special capabilities of a child at an early stage & nurture them systematically, without compromising with his academics. 
2. The students will be guaranteed winners because they will be trained to face the toughest challenges. 
3. Excellent academic performance because of sound understanding of basic concepts & ardent preparation. 
4. Existence of student exchange programmes will create a global advantage. 
5. International teaching techniques will be employed. 
6. A library that is lapped with thousand of books waiting to be devoured with delight.